BeautyByBree Business Interview

BeautyByBree Business Interview

One of the things I like to start with on interviews is the inspiration aspect. What inspired you to start BeautybyBree?

Beautybybree was inspired through my passion for cosmetics & my creativity. I created this brand for women & men to feel beautiful on a budget without spending tons of money.

What is the journey that leads up to you becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own business? You’re well ahead of the game as far as putting in the work to start your own business and take the necessary steps to be successful.

Being able to inspire people from many different states & countries is simply amazing and to know that I inspire people keeps me going. I love what I do for the people out there.

What are some of the challenges that you have faced in starting your business? How do you deal with them?

I would have to say the difficult part about running a business would receiving supported. Just because we are a small business and not huge like Sephora And MAC, makes it harder for us. With just being open for almost a years I’ve learned a lot, just focus on the crowd that already supports you and grow from there.

Who is your audience? Who do you want to be able to reach with BeautyByBree?

I’ve mostly targeted women & kids of all ages. I want to reach an audience of both genders but I am and will be expanding by adding items more comfortable to men's liking via beard butter, beard oils, facial products, etc.

The beauty industry is very competitive and it’s hard to be able to separate yourself from the crowd. Online and in stores. Can you tell us about what you’re doing to help build your brand and make sure people know what it’s all about? What separates you from other brands and businesses?

What separates me from other brands and businesses is the thought and effort I put into my craft. I don’t just simply make a product and sell it. I see what’s in the product itself, test try the product on me before making it public. I refrain from using anything that was used on animals or made by animal fur. I use authentic ingredients, organic & vegan to be exact.

I see that you have handmade and homemade glosses. What other things do you make and create yourself for your customers?

For now, just glosses but I will be making body butters, lip scrubs and a lot more items that will be a surprise!


Congratulations on hitting 5K followers on Instagram. That’s not easy to do. Can you talk about the work that goes into being able to build a loyal following that large and how you maintain it?

Be consistent. I tell all my followers that ask me for advice, the more consistent you are with your business you will see the change. Along with being consistent you also have to be very engaging with your posts. Don’t just make it a post that you have to post, make it engaging ask questions on it, explain what the product does.

Do you have any upcoming events or shows that people can attend to be able to show their support? What’s the best way to be able to find out more about your beauty line and when you have new things coming out?

I will be hosting a pop-up shop December 7th, I’m looking for entrepreneurs for that as well.

To stay up to date with everything my Instagram is the beat way @beautybybree.___ & liking my Facebook page @bree’s beauty

Final thoughts. What would you like to be able to leave the readers to take with them? What message do you want them to think of when they think BeautyByBree?

When thinking of Beautybybree just remember. You can be beautiful & bougie on a budget.