Black Makeup Line

Feeling Lost with palettes that don’t suit you?

While makeup lines are getting better with adding products that work blend well with women of color skin tones there’s still work to be done. There are makeup artist and lines not equipped and limited with colors and shades for darker skin tones. Limited options also limit the training given to makeup artist. The majority go with default. In other cases you’re limited with where you can go to get makeovers.

Thankfully there are companies and people creating lines to address the limitations of different skin tones. One company looks to be facing it head on by creating products with women of color in mind. Blackup cosmetics has stores worldwide. The website also provided tutorials for those that can’t get to a location. It’s worth a look at the site and browsing to see if they have anything that suits your needs.

Definitely would love to see more companies and product lines taking this on and putting more attention towards women of color. As more surface and we see good feedback we’ll continue to highlight in our blogs.