We continue our Beauty School Interview series with the founder of Nina MUA. Nina MUA, Founder and Creative Director You started off in art school and have always had a passion to help create an image for people that make them look and feel special. As a professional hair and

Tell us your story was created to serve as motivation to all the people out there who aspire to be the best at their craft. It’s an opportunity for people to read about others that have gone through the struggles of starting and have made their way to success. The

Whether you’re a makeup artist or hair stylist or simply part of the beauty industry. The importance of making the customer feel good about themselves is equally as important as them looking good when they leave. There are so many people that go to get their hair or makeup done

Rediscovering The Beauty Of Going Natural… Take a look around and you’ll notice you’re seeing more women giving going natural a try. Whether it’s due to fashion or personal reasons. We’re seeing more and more going back to natural beauty. The hesitation in the past has been due to there