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The artistry of Mimi Choi is insane. We love the special effects of her makeup. The illusions are enough to make you triple take to make sure you're seeing what you thought you saw. She has had articles written about her artistry in publications like Allure. Mimi's artistry and imagination has turned heads and shown just how much makeup is actual art.

Add the ability to open eyes to makeup being art to the list of the reasons we're such big fans of Mimi's work. Yet somehow still manages to do bridal makeup and makeovers without the temptation of drawing on a missing eye. Multi-talented is an understatement and the type of artist that we love to feature and promote.

Makeup Artistry is just as much art as a painting to hang on a wall in a gallery. Which is why we partner with Savant gallery to showcase artist like Mimi Choi. We see the beauty in it and the creativity and want to show just how talented and innovative the looks can be. Look no further than Mimi as the type of artist that reaches beyond beauty into work that can and should hang in galleries.

It takes imagination as well as the talent to bring it to life. Don't let the illusions in the makeup fool you. She also can glam up your look and get you ready for your wedding.

At A Good Look we love those that have talent that goes above and beyond what you might see in the day to day.

We look forward to featuring more of Mimi's work on our Makeup Artistry blog. Please check out Mimi Choi on her Instagram & Facebook.


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