NinaMUA Beauty School Interview Pt. 2

We continue our Beauty School Interview series with the founder of Nina MUA.

Nina MUA, Founder and Creative Director

You started off in art school and have always had a passion to help create an image for people that make them look and feel special. As a professional hair and makeup specialist first as well as founder and creative director of your beauty school. You have a wealth of experience to pull from in beauty.

What would you say is your favorite part of the beauty industry?

My favorite would have to be making people feel confident when you enhance their beauty; also when you train them how to enhance the beauty of others. Another favorite of mine is helping our students achieve their goals and dreams in life. This absolutely makes me the happiest!

Do you prefer working within certain portions of the industry?

No, because the beauty industry is like a recipe. Once you remove an ingredient, it will taste different. That’s why I like everything in this industry.


For example, you have partnered with several magazines on projects. Is that a passion and a preference for you?

You cannot create without passion. We are excited to have partnered with several magazine publications. In order for others to view your work, sometimes you have to scope out because magazines are an art profession.

One of the things that stood out in your bio was that your goal is to create a personal style according to your client’s inner world and self-expression. It’s refreshing as in some cases artist that will steer a client in the direction of what is going to help them meet their goals.

What do you tell an artist trying to manage their goals along with the goals of the client?

As a pro, you have to have a vision and it’s our job to make clients trust us. By listening to what they have to say is also important because each of them is unique. In some cases, you would like to do the trendy matte lipstick but what if your client prefers a glossy lip? You would have to forget trends sometimes and be professional with your clients’ requests. Sometimes it may mean not following trends.


How do you partner with a client who isn’t really sure what they’re looking for and just want a change?

This calls for reflecting and listening! You will sometimes go through clients who think they know what they want, but it actually doesn’t suit their features. For example, having Kim Kardashian as an inspiration for a makeup look… but you’re nowhere near how she physically looks, so when you replicate her makeup, it will look entirely different. It’s tricky because as you do their requests little by little, you are actually discovering their beauty. One way to also deal with these clients is letting them know of their strong features. Let’s say they have very pronounced cheekbones, so it’s your job to tell them that they do not need heavy contouring unless it’s stage makeup; or when they already having beautiful long lashes, let them know that individual lashes will make their eyes stand out more with the kind of lashes they have. So suggesting what may suit them actually creates a custom look for specific clients. We are here to make others feel confident and beautiful by replicating makeup you see in magazines, but if your clients don’t know what they want, it will never satisfy them. Talking to them and showing them different images can help you unfold what’s beautiful on them. Some want heavy makeup, but the client may not like the end result or they cannot achieve each step to complete the look. That’s why you have to understand all the intricate details as it is difficult to give a perfect formula for one person. Every situation has its own formula, most especially that people are unique!