NinaMUA Beauty School Pt. 3

Ames Amore, Lead Instructor

Ames you’re a New York based Makeup and Body Artist who began her career with the goal of provoking thought and emotion in your audiences. That speaks to a real love of creativity and imagination.

  • How do you choose the jobs that you want to work? We would imagine being that creative you’d want to choose projects that encourage that freedom.

I love having creative freedom but there are other factors I consider. When artists are entering the industry, we are excited to take any job. A lot of us are accustomed to taking free and low budget work to break in. After establishing ourselves enough we soon decide if we are more comfortable working in the industry or with consumers/private clients. Some artists enjoy that interaction with clients more than the opportunity to do something creative. I personally knew early on that I am a very creative, artistic person who is obsessed with fashion and the music industry. It always made sense for me to pursue those ventures where I can be allowed creativity and expression.

  • Can you speak to how your understanding of anatomy and working as a body artist has helped you with makeup artistry? There will be artist out there who may think beauty and makeup artistry are limited to applying makeup to a face without understanding contours etc.

Understanding anatomy is really important for what we do as makeup artists and body painters. Sometimes it seems instinctual but there is a science behind it. Despite trends in makeup and cultural views on beauty, symmetry is something all humans are drawn to. Symmetry in the face and a proportioned body represent healthy genes. All of us find symmetry and even proportions to be attractive simply for the purpose of creating healthy offspring, which is survival for a species. Enhancing or transforming the appearance of a person given anatomy allows us the ability to create a feeling or a character. For body paint, it is especially useful to anticipate adjustments needed for working on a surface that isn't flat. Lines will alter when drawn onto a curved body.

You’ve also booked work on corporate videos and creative editorials. This speaks to your broad range of the types of jobs that you can work in this industry.

  • Can you tell the readers a bit more about working on corporate videos and creative editorials? We’re hoping to give a better understanding of it and whether it’s something they should pursue.

Although both corporate videos and creative editorials are considered industry gigs, they are very different. The atmosphere, the budget, and the uniform are on totally opposite ends of the spectrum. Corporate work is quick, simple applications and male grooming. The style of makeup is very particular and there is no room for creativity. The atmosphere is similar to that in an office and the expected attire is business casual. The budgets are very comfortable and it is extremely rare to experience any issue surrounding payment.


Editorials allow for creativity and a voice. The set is typically very casual in regards to wardrobe but there can be an intense sense of pressure to have the perfect outcome. Some find it daunting, and others exciting. The makeup is more important in these instances so you are allowed more time for skin preparation and things of that nature to perfect your work. Editorials and runway often have little, to no budget and offer the tear sheet or exposure as compensation. After terms are agreed upon you still may encounter late payments and other payment issues. Most artists who work in fashion need to also take part in television, celebrity, commercial and, or corporate work to sustain a workable income.

  • What are the advantages to being able to book these types of projects?

For me, it is all about the arts: art, fashion, music, film. My entire reason for working in this industry is to engage in expression, create a story, evoke thought and emotion. All creative and artistic people have a passion for these things. Depending on the magnitude of these projects, your career can launch to a place that no ordinary amount of marketing ever could. Being involved in corporate projects provides a reliable and hefty paycheck, opportunity for stability, easy hours without the chaos. I have certainly enjoyed the variety of benefits that each project brings!