Sarah Brooksby Wedding Photography Interview

Sarah Brooksby Wedding Photography

Sarah it’s a pleasure to get a chance to interview you. Reading your story and reading about your approach and passion make this one something to look forward too. We typically like to start with what lead up to this moment and then look at what’s to come.

Your journey is an inspiring one for so many people. There are so many of us that just kind of go with the flow of expectations, but you didn’t. You sought out something you loved to do and made a career of it. That alone is reason enough to want to interview you.

You have in total over 15 years of photography experience. The chances are that most people don’t know what goes into becoming a professional photographer. There’s a lot more to it than just picking up a camera and taking great photos.

  • Can you tell us about your qualifications and the work that went into them?
    • You weren’t just awarded three degrees, you excelled in your courses.
    • You got degrees in:
      • Photography
      • Photo Editing
      • Wedding Photography
      • And qualifications in:
        • Art
        • Drama

First of all, thank you. It’s a pleasure to be here and I’m excited to share my story. For me, my passion turned into my dream career, and it’s something that I cherish every single day.

One of the hardest things about putting the work into my studies was juggling my career as a wedding photographer with the enormous amount of work that goes into each individual degree, add that together with trying to have a life-work balance, and you get a very hectic schedule. I was working from the moment that I got up until the moment I went to sleep throughout 2017 to get through my work, finish my studies and to keep improving and maintaining my website and social media platforms.

I first of all started with my photography degree, which I felt was something that I needed to have on paper to prove the knowledge that I’d gained over the years. I sailed through that and found it rather unchallenging, as I knew I would, as with so many years of experience, I had already learned almost all of it along the way. A little while into my photography degree, I decided (rather madly in hindsight) that I could take on more work and I decided that I would start another degree in photo editing as it’s such an integral part of my identity as a wedding photographer.

Editing is one of my passions, and it’s one of the things that lead me to become a professional. I spend hours perfecting just one photo, sometimes even days, and there’s so much more satisfaction in seeing your hard work loved and cherished by couples, their friends and entire families than there is in taking some photographs of landscapes or portraits that get lost adrift a sea of them online.

Editing is a huge part of being a professional – or it certainly is for me. I strive to offer a completely different service to other photographers with my luxury and bespoke hand editing for each wedding I cover, and I strive to offer a service that almost all wedding photographers don’t – not only with the unique and premium services in my wedding packages, but with giving my clients a hand edited wedding album, with no photos left natural straight out of the camera – no photo gets released without being hand perfected first.

There’s nothing wrong with natural photos – they are beautiful in their own right, but being an artist, I fell in love with creative editing, and so did my clients, and that’s what makes me so different to other wedding photographers in my area. I tell love stories – the weddings are my canvases, my editing skills are my tools, and my creative flair is the paint, and that all combines together to create a picture and tell a love story in one of the most unique and beautiful ways possible.

Back to my studies, I then started my photo editing degree and juggled that alongside working, and then I had another moment of madness where I decided to study wedding photography...

I thought that as I had come this far and juggled my studies around my work/life so well already, why not add another string to my bow? Also, it was so tempting as it would appeal more to the clients that I work with – my clients love to know that I’m not only a photography and photo editing expert, but also a wedding expert specifically. I knew that having all three together would be better than having just one in each, and there is no “all in one” package that gives you so much knowledge together, so in total, after three degrees, I’m now proud to be able to say that I’m an expert in my field and I can now prove my knowledge on paper – not just with my portfolio – and that was largely something I wanted to do for myself as I had always regretted not doing it when I was still at school.

Although you may think that juggling three degrees with work and home life was difficult, as I already knew almost everything I needed to pass the courses, it wasn’t as bad as some may think – yes, it was a lot of work, yes, it took my time from waking up to going to sleep, and yes, it cost me a small fortune – but would I do it all over again? Absolutely. It’s a real accomplishment to be able to say I have those skills officially awarded on paper.

I also studied art and drama when I was a teenager, which I also feel help me in my career. Art helps me with the extensive studies I did on modern and traditional art, helping me to capture, frame and see beauty where others don’t, and drama helps me direct, guide and produce the high fashion and creative bride and groom portraits that I’ve become so well known for. I also did ICT at school which has enabled me to use my computer skills to learn my editing software inside and out, build my own website, do graphic design and create album covers and ends, create all of my own logos and graphics and do all of my administration and end of year tax work myself.

All in all, studying has been hard work and taken a lot of my time, but I always regretted not choosing photography to study when I was a teenager, although art, drama and ICT have helped me become the unique photographer that I am today, I now feel that I’ve proven my skills not only to myself, but to the rest of the world – and that’s something unique when there’s a sea of photographers out there offering their skills with no proof of their knowledge to back themselves up.


One of the things we found most inspiring about you is that you never stopped working while you were studying. That shows real dedication and a hunger to see though a passion that can’t be taught. You actually have to enjoy what you do to go through that much work to prove yourself for your career. For the readers out there that may have something that they’re passionate about, and are still on the fence thinking about what they can do about it and debating on pursuing it…

  • What advice would you give to someone who may be interesting in wedding photography professionally?

Perusing photography as a hobby to a career are to very different things, and I would advise anyone thinking about switching to photography as a career to think very carefully before doing so. Before I became a professional, I always had my camera in hand, but now, I spend so much time working with my camera that it’s very rare that I actually do any photography outside of work. I wouldn’t say that I lost my passion for it at all – I’ve just channeled that passion into my work, and as such, when I go home and I have a rare bit of free time, I don’t often take photos anymore as I spend all day every day doing photography and it doesn’t feel like a hobby anymore, it’s now my career.

I love what I do, I’d never change it for the world, but I would advise anyone thinking of turning their passion into a career to think very carefully about whether they want to give up their hobby, because once it becomes a job, you won’t want to do it as a hobby too – or it feels like you are working 24/7. I’m good friends with a lot of other professional photographers who all share the same view – once you turn professional, your hobby photography takes a back seat and your camera will rarely come out.

Also, there’s a lot more work to being a professional photographer – in any specialty – than meets the eye – or running a business yourself in general. As a hobby, it’s so much more relaxed and there’s no deadlines, no admin, no website design and maintenance, no social media presence, no self-assessment tax, no self-paid national insurance, no SEO to worry about, no SERPS to lose sleep over and there’s no pressure.

People think that there’s huge money to be made in wedding photography, but even though I charge higher rate prices, I still make very little when you take into account the amount of time that goes into my job. I work year-round, with no holidays, no pension, no company perks, no paid sick day (and no sick days at all!), no national insurance and tax automatically paid for me, very few days off, and often, I work from the moment I get up until the moment that I go to sleep, often eating at my desk.

There’s a hell of a lot more that goes into each wedding than just showing up on the day – you have to plan, schedule, plan creative visions, provide excellent communication, have several meetings, shoot the wedding, come home and start processing the photos, edit the photos, turn them into an album, deliver them to your clients, check in with them afterwards to make sure that they’re happy with any B&W choices, post it all to social media, update your portfolio on your website and any advertising websites – all without cutting any corners to speed it up - and then you’re onto the next. It’s a heavy schedule, even with the limited number of weddings that I take on each year. I dread to think how photographers cope that shoot twice the amount per year, but then not all photographers offer the same services as I do so it’s all down to each photographer and how long it takes them to complete a wedding.

I’d say the average wedding for me is about a months work in total, so when you think of what wedding photographers charge, you’re never going to become a millionaire with wedding photography and you have to have a real passion for what you do to stick with the long unsocial hours and heavy workload, so before you see the pound signs, try to think about how much time you are willing to put into each wedding for the amount you will earn, and that often, some weddings will take a lot more time and work than others and once the client has paid, you can’t charge more for it, even if it takes you longer to finish.

I’d always recommend anyone considering it as a profession to consider carefully if you would be better off with an hourly paid job – as you have to be willing to put in years of work for next to nothing. For the first few weddings you won’t be able to charge much at all, if anything, and then for the first year or two, you won’t be able to charge even medium rates, and until you have a glowing portfolio and several accomplishments to prove your worth, you won’t be able to even get near the higher end of the wedding photography price range.

For weddings in particular – it is a day that a couple will cherish for a lifetime. This is a day that for most, will be the best day of their lives. There’s no room for error, there’s no room for mistakes – you have to be 100%, every time, without fail – you can’t risk ruining someone’s day. They will never get a chance to re-do their wedding because their photos were ruined, and you can imagine how couples would react if their photos are ruined – I’ve heard some true horror stories online – this is not a profession to take lightly. You could end up with a lawsuit, having your reputation and your career ruined, living with the guilt and the shame, being harassed online and even in real life – so you have to make sure that you can perform, every time, without fail – perfectly. It’s a high stress, high pressure job and you simply cannot make mistakes.

Another thing I would point out is that you cannot let your personal life interfere with a couple’s big day – you can’t let yourself have a bad day, ever – full stop. There’s no bad moods, no sickness, no injuries, no bad feelings after an argument with your partner, no bereavement after a family member or pet dies – you can’t take a day off, you can’t be any less than 100% and you can never give your clients any less than they deserve on the biggest day of their lives.

A wedding is a very special day, and you can never, ever let your personal life interfere with your work, and you have to be able to switch off the moment you walk out of your front door. I’ve covered weddings right after my dog died, during food poisoning (thank god for Imodium and anti-sickness tablets!), when I’ve had the flu, during huge rows with my partner, during family crisis’s, when I’ve been injured and so much more, but not ONCE have I ever let if effect my work, my professionalism, my skills or the finished product – their wedding album. My clients never even know about it unless I decide to tell them after the wedding – and not once have I ever let myself have an off day, no matter what, and that’s something that you have to be prepared to do – or you simply cannot work in the wedding industry.

I’ve seen so many wedding professionals ruin a couple’s day because of their bad mood, or they’ve called in sick etc, and you can’t offer a wedding service unless you are willing to put your clients first, every time.

The best advise that I can give for wedding photography is to make sure that you are prepared to work through sickness, moods, family troubles, bereavement and any other emergency without it letting it effect your work, not even slightly.

Here’s one especially for those that have passed the point of asking themselves what they you want to do or be… After a point we forget it’s still a question worth asking. From what we’ve read you asked yourself that question, and it looks like it’s worked out pretty well for you. What’s not to love about an inspiring story!

  • What kept you going when you had a long day and still had your courses to see too, and how would you advise others to keep going when the going gets tough?

Passion. Pure passion. I love what I do more than anything, I don’t do it for the money, I don’t do it for the recognition, I do it because it genuinely is my passion - so when times got tough, the days got long and my eyes started to droop, I reminded myself that everything that I was doing was to further my passion, and to enable me to become the photographer that I am today. It may have been hard, and for those of you out there considering changing your lives, even if it may be a struggle to do it – I say go for it.

It’s made me so happy to do what I love every day, and It’s changed my life, lifted my mood – it’s changed everything – just because I can do what I’m passionate about, every single day.

I went from being a kept woman cooking and cleaning for my family, to a career driven woman, and although my family sometimes loathe how much of a workaholic I now am when they’d rather I didn’t work at all, I love it, and if you know that you will too, do it, and never look back.

Sometimes life has a path for us that we didn’t expect, and sometimes life has a funny way of steering us towards our destiny, and sometimes, you have to take a leap of faith to live to work, and not just to work to live.

Photography is often an overlooked part of art. There are some people that don’t see the similarities between a brush stroke and framing a moment through a lens. Whilst anyone can pick up a camera, not everyone can consistently and creatively capture and create moments that stand the test of time.

One of the thing that stands out about photographers is their eye for art. Their ability to see moments, and to capture the very essence of the moment and tell a story with an image. The great photographers tell a story and make you feel like you’re there in the moment. That gift is an art, and one that it’s pretty nice to be able to share with other people.

  • Can you tell us about how you go about capturing those moments and telling the story you want to tell?

After studying art and drama when I was younger, and then becoming a photographer, I see the beauty in things that others don’t. I see the moments in time, the tiny slithers, the blink and you’ll miss it moments, that others don’t. I see the beauty in pain, the beauty in tears, the beauty in love. The world is full of beauty – of stories waiting to be told, you just have to know where to look to find them.

As a wedding photographer, a wedding day is full of those moments, emotions and beauty. It’s not something I can explain verbally, or even mentally. I’ve always just had an eye for the beauty in a moment, and a natural instinct to capture those precious slithers in time.

Having an eye for photography, or art, is not something that can be taught or learned, it’s something you either have or you don’t. You can look through a photographer’s or an artist’s work, and you can tell which ones have the natural eye for it, and which ones don’t – because a real eye for it will see the beauty in the most ordinary of things and turn something ordinary into something extraordinary.

An image should always tell a story, capture a moment, a precious memory to be cherished for a lifetime… Photography, like art, is all about creating images that show physical and emotional beauty.

While a wedding is such a special day, it’s a day that everyone wants to be perfect - which isn’t easy to do. Perfection is being carefree in the moment. Dancing in the rain and being too happy to care it rained on your wedding. Easy for us to say I’m sure…

  • What is some of the advice you give couples when their planning their wedding and looking for a photographer?

I would always advise any couple to get to know your photographer – they’re going to be at your side all day, so it’s imperative that you love not only their work, but also them as a person.

Make sure you love ALL of their work, and make sure that you’re 100% confident that they are the right wedding photographer for you. When you find your perfect wedding photographer, you should get that WOW moment - that feeling that you can’t live without this artist painting your picture.

  • What is some of the advice you give couples to embrace problems on their wedding day?

Mistakes at weddings get made, things go wrong, vendors make mistakes – no wedding ever goes 100% to plan, but the best way to still have a day you will cherish forever is to not get too caught up on perfection. There is beauty in imperfection, after all, that’s what makes each of us so unique, and it’s also what helps to make each wedding day unique. I’ve been to weddings where real disasters have happened, but the couples have shrugged them off and embraced them, and I’ve been to weddings where the couple were distraught. You can guess which one enjoyed their wedding more. Never expect perfection – people make mistakes, timings don’t run to plan and things will go wrong, but it doesn’t have to ruin your day.


One of the things that stood out to us was that you go above and beyond to help make it not just a special day but an enjoyable experience all the way around. Again easier said than done it’s a pretty pressure filled day.

  • How do you get your wedding party to relax and actually enjoy the day, which gives you the best scene for the photos?

I get my signature show stopping photos by getting to know my couples before the big day, learning about their unique traits, their passions, their sense of humor – and embracing them as individuals and never treating them the same. No two couples are the same, just like no two weddings are the same, and the best way to get jaw dropping photos is to make sure that you treat each couple individually – not to put them on a conveyor belt – but that’s all a part of my business model – I work on a very exclusive basis and I only cover selected weddings each year, and I’m very selective about how many I will cover over each year, so I have the time to give my couples the luxury treatment, and it really shows in my work as I get such a close bond with my couples, and that enables me to see the real side of them on the day, without nerves, pressure, or them having that feeling of a stranger standing next to them pointing a camera towards their face.


Even when I’ve had to provide emergency cover for other photographers, I’ve still managed in ten minutes flat to have couples relaxed and comfortable around me and my camera. I’m a very easy going and relaxed person, and I love nothing more than to have a good laugh – so I’m very easy to get on with.

With guests, the best way to get them to enjoy the photography parts of the day is to be relaxed, friendly, fun and genuine with them. Guests often have bad preconceptions about photographers and the obligatory group shots, I often hear horrific stories where they’ve all been lined up for hours on end for family photos, so I try to make things fun and efficient, I also rigorously schedule the group shots so that they flow from one to another seamlessly, getting them done as quickly as possible so that the guests can go back to enjoying the day, and the kids can go back to relaxing. I always work closely with my couples to ensure that their wedding group shots don’t end up on their guests lists of horrific wedding fails, and I’m very good at organizing things so that they run quickly and efficiently. This is a huge part of why I get such a good rapport going with the guests once the group shots are over, as most guests dread that part of the day, and once it’s done and they realize that it’s not as bad as they were expecting, they tend to relax, open up and be themselves around me, giving me the best canvas for candid and natural shots of them throughout the rest of the day.

There has to be some serious trust there for couples to leave their most important day with you. Looking at other people’s albums and photos is great, but no two wedding are the same.

  • How do you make sure that it’s custom fit to their vision and their moments?

I offer a luxury and bespoke service, working closely with my couples from day one to plan out their creative vision, ensuring that we get exactly what they want from their day, and so much more.

Each couple are always blown away by the album when it’s delivered, as not only do I deliver everything that they ask for, but due to my creative and quick-thinking nature, I deliver them photos they never even imagined they could have from their day. Also, having a natural eye for photography and art enables me to think quickly on my feet to capture raw and candid emotions and natural moments that no one could ever plan for.

Looking through a photographer’s portfolio, as you say, is one thing, but no two weddings are the same, and although you can edit photos in a similar style, you always get such unique shots from each individual wedding that you can never put two weddings into the same box, and that’s part of the beauty of wedding photography.

As long as a couple love a photographer’s style and portfolio, they are almost guaranteed to get an album that they love, as although no two weddings in a portfolio are the same, the photographer shooting them is, so you still get their creative eye, their editing skills and their skills for capturing special moments.

As someone who specializes in wedding photography, you must have seen it all. It takes grace and skills to be able to get those candid photos that the people in the shot don’t even remember. Those are by far our favorites here. They’re real and they tell more than any pose ever could.

  • How real is the struggle to keep every single second from being scripted?

Real! Very real! A lot of couples freeze up, get nervous or are generally camera shy, and it can sometimes be very hard to get couples to open up to you so that you can capture the raw emotions.

This is easy during the ceremony as you are a spectator in the background, but once you are alone with them on your intimate shoot, that’s when a couple’s nerves often kick in.

I work on a creative and directed method when I’m not shooting candidly, rather than making posed emotionless photos. I give subtle directions to couples where it’s needed to help them to get the most from their time with me, but even the photos that look completely posed in my portfolio are still natural, and I work really hard to ensure that even the show stopping portraits that look posed are actually raw and full of emotion, they’re just well timed shots in beautiful locations with occasionally a little guidance to encourage a couple to hug, kiss or be themselves – it takes a lot as a photographer to be able to balance getting the right shot with the right emotion.

I will take a couple to our chosen spot and get them to act naturally, encouraging them to laugh, smile, kiss, be silly, act naturally and forget that I’m even there. I only step in when it’s absolutely necessary to stop things looking stiff and unnatural, or if a couple need a little extra guidance as they are nervous and freeze when a camera lens is pointed towards them.

Working with this method enables me to get the bride and groom portraits that I’ve become renowned for, whilst still keeping them natural and emotional, without working to a script, unless a couple specifically ask for certain photos.

  • How difficult is it to capture those candid shots without ruining the moment?

If you know how to work in a discrete way, it’s not difficult at all. By using the right length lenses, you don’t need to be up in peoples faces and interfering with each moment. Depending on the scene, sometimes you can end up with a guest noticing you are taking a photo and then looking at the camera, and it’s quite remarkable how you see their entire demeanor shift as they’re suddenly aware that their photo is being taken, but this is inevitable with candid shooting, as it’s human nature to want to look your very best for photos, and people only act truly naturally when they’re not aware that the cameras there at all. It can make or break a shot if a person suddenly notices that the cameras pointed towards them, but this is unfortunately part and parcel of candid shooting.

At the end of the day, you still need to get the group photos with everyone posing and still make them memorable - the photos that you put in a frame to keep.

  • How do you keep everyone loose enough to keep it fun without losing them or having that awkward 1,2,3 say cheese moment? Cheeks hurt just thinking about it.

My cheeks too! The key to having a wedding party loosen up in my experience is to make it fun – say cheese is a cringe worthy moment that I try to avoid at all costs. If a group need encouraging like that then I always get them to shout something really ridiculously silly, what it is depends on how appropriate is for the age group present. With really large groups, it is inevitable that you need some sort of cue to get them to all look at the cameras lens without blinking at the same time, so I often think of really creative and silly ways that make people laugh to do this, enabling them to relax, have a little bit of fun and to take the seriousness out of the formal photos. I’ve been known to use some very out of the box methods with large groups, but if it gets everyone relaxed and looking great – it’s all worth it!


We’d like to round things off with what we think sets you apart professionally, and with the finished product that you produce. You take great pride in your editing skills. Taking it a step further, we should explain that there’s a difference in opinions depending on the photographer. You provide more of a hands on personal touch with your bespoke hand editing service.

  • Can you tell the readers more about your premium editing service and what it means when you say bespoke editing?

Bespoke editing is the luxury touch that a creative photographer can provide. Most wedding photographers will batch edit photos which means that they load them all onto their computer and click a button to edit them all to the same look or style.

Bespoke hand editing, to me, means that I go through every single photo, one by one, tweaking and perfecting them until they all look their very best. It’s a process that can take weeks for one wedding, as with hand editing, there’s no one click solution to get through them quickly, although this would make my life a lot easier, it’s not the luxury touch that I strive to offer.

All of my photos are individually worked on until they are perfect, and they all have my signature creative style which cannot be done with a “filter” or a click of a button because the way I edit requires different tweaks for each scene, depending on lighting, the subject, exposure, shadows, highlights, contrast, saturation, vibrance etcetera. It’s a very complicated and long-winded process, but to explain it simply – no two photos are the same, and therefore, to get my signature style, I can’t edit any two photos in the same way – so they all have to be hand edited to achieve the look that I’m so well known for in the photography world.

My editing style is very time consuming, and it is artistically very different to most wedding photographers who tend to leave the photos almost exactly as they are straight out of the camera. Some wedding photographers don’t edit their photos at all, but still charge the same rate for their services – but some people love natural photos – it all boils down to personal preference. This method enables them to get through their clients a lot faster and make a lot more money each year, but it lacks the personal or creative luxury touch that I’ve become so well known for, and that I strive to offer. I don’t do weddings photography for the money, I do it because I genuinely have a passion for what I do, and I love nothing more than to come home with a whole new album to get stuck into and start editing.

I know that if I changed my editing methods I could fit in a lot more clients and earn a lot more money, but I love what I do, and how I do it, and it gives my clients a personal luxury touch that not many other photographers offer.

  • Please highlight some of the differences between what you do vs what others provide as a service for the finished product.

All of my wedding clients get:

★ An initial consultation to tailor my service around each couple’s unique wedding day and style

★ A detailed booking service which records all of the information about the couple and their wedding

★ Constant communication up to the wedding to get to know each couple and their wedding plans personally without ever turning up and not knowing my clients or they day

★ Venue checks and location planning for my creative and high fashion portraits

★ Intimate shoot planning – each wedding gets a bespoke creative vision and plan

★ Bespoke planning and scheduling services to ensure the day runs smoothly and is the group shots run as efficiently and as smoothly as possible to ensure guests aren’t left standing around bored - no cheeses needed…

★ Bespoke contracts and extensive admin for each individual wedding

★ A bespoke and tailored visual and written creative vision for the wedding day as a whole

★ A bespoke visual and written creative vision for the creative and high fashion shots

★ Creative props, luxury accessories and bespoke creative extras ordered and checked prior to the wedding

★ Pre-wedding checks with the couple to ensure no plans have changed

★ Meticulous equipment checks the night before the wedding, printed & laminated planning guides and guest shot lists for the day and any other pre-wedding admin

★ The wedding photography hours shooting on the day – staying as late as is needed to give my clients what they wanted from their day

★ Post wedding check in to let the client know how the photos look and how the day went from a photography perspective

★ 1-3 weeks of luxury & bespoke hand editing for each and every photo from the wedding

★ Airbrushing & retouching of high fashion portraits which can take around an hour per photo

★ Social media updates as I edit to give the wedding party sneak previews of the couple’s photos and to get the family and friends involved in the photography process

★ Hand designed luxury album front & back cover, tailored for each client and their wedding details

★ Albums, DVD albums, USB drives etc. all sent in hand designed boxes with on trend presentation, lovingly crafted and made by myself

★ Post album delivery checks to ensure that everything has been received safely

★ Storage service to help clients print, download and back up their photos online

You won’t find many photographers offering all of this in one package without charging extra for it, so I’m extremely proud of my luxury packages and the exciting new things I’m constantly adding for my clients. Every year brings new features to my packages, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. I’m always striving to offer a completely different service to the others in my area, and to be a cut above the rest – not only with my photos, but with the premium service and luxury packages that I offer.

Okay, we’ve talked about your journey to this point. Let’s talk about some of your accomplishments - the fruits of your hard work and passion. You’ve been published 19 times nationally & worldwide. Congratulations on your success.

  • Please tell our readers more about being published and some of the features you’ve done

Thank you. It’s been a great journey throughout my life as a photographer, and it’s an amazing feeling being published by such huge publications. Some of the highlights of my career for me were being published in The Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Times, Mail Online, Photographers and Bride Magazine. I’m currently working on some more features for some really big names, so watch this space!

One of my best photos that I got published was a creative piece that took me a week or so to edit – it was heavily photo-shopped and one of the most creative pieces I’ve ever done, and It’s been purchased from me twice now by huge international media companies to use in their magazines and newspapers and it was amazing to have my most creative piece published. I still have a copy of it waiting to go into a frame.

You’ve been acknowledged by some prestigious wedding publications. It must feel good to know that they’re aware of you, and willing to speak about your work. The testimonials you received are glowing as well.

  • How good does it feel to know that it’s not just you saying it but your clients are singing your praises as well? They all speak to how personable you are and how you put them at ease.

It’s a lovely feeling to get such glowing praise from my clients and from publications. It’s a huge motivation to continue to add more luxury and premium features to my wedding packages, and to improve my clients experiences even more. It also makes me strive to constantly push boundaries with my creative wedding photography and to constantly ensure that I move with the times and trends. The love I get from my clients is incredible, they’re constantly recommending me on social media, sending their friends and family my way, and they almost always stay in touch. That is a huge part of why I got into wedding photography in the first place – it’s great to take photos of landscapes, but with weddings, people cherish those photos for a lifetime, and you for taking them for them.

Well, let’s see, we’ve covered your journey here and your accolades along the way. It seems like a good time to discuss what you’re doing now and what you’d like to be doing in the days to come.

  • We’ve discussed your specialty of luxury wedding photography but you’re a professional photographer. What other types of photography do you offer your clients, and what do you plan to add to your wedding photography service in the future?

I want to offer the most premium and luxury wedding packages in my price range, and I’m constantly striving to add more exciting and unique features to my business – airbrushing and retouching is a service that I’ve just added into my wedding packages, which has proved a huge hit with my couples as it gives their high fashion portraits that editorial look, and no bride wants to worry about getting a spot or a blemish on the run up to her wedding day, so they can all relax knowing that I can fix it for them. It’s something that I’ve done discreetly for my brides for years, but I now offer it on a larger scale and include it with all my packages, not just the top tier one.

I’ve also started some really amazing creative specials for my couples, with some on and off the menu creative touches for their days.

Ultimately, I want to continue to keep making my service the most exclusive, luxury and premium package in my area, and to continue to strive to offer a wedding photography package like no other.

I also do family photography, portrait photography, pet photography and business photography, but in the last year, that’s really taken a back seat as I’ve concentrated on weddings, but you can still find me doing the occasional family shoot!


We can’t tell readers about you without telling them where they can find you, and what areas your photography talents touch.

  • How can our readers find you?

My website is a hub for information about me, my services, my portfolio and I have my own mini wedding blog. I’ve spent the last year perfecting and building my website to create an all in one hub for couples to get all the information they need about me, my services and why I’m the best photographer for their creative wedding.

I can also be found on social media:


  • Where do you offer your photography services?

I cover all of the UK and occasionally internationally, but I’m mainly based around Norwich, Norfolk & Suffolk.

We’re at the point where we like to ask you if there’s anything coming up that you’d like the readers to know about.

  • What do you have coming up that you’d like discuss?

I have some major projects that I’m working on this year, and I’m also working hard on bringing some massive creative touches and grand finales into my wedding photography. There’s some really exciting stuff going on here that I’d love to tell you all about, but, now that would be telling! You will have to wait and see and keep an eye on

Final thoughts that you’d like to leave the readers with for this wedding photography interview.

  • What would you like to leave the readers with as that lasting impression of Sarah Brooksby Photography?

That if you are looking for a premium and luxury service, with creative and high fashion photos, then look no further. I’m a photographer with a real passion for what I do, and I go the extra mile for every wedding.